RescueTime Community Guidelines


Welcome to the RescueTime Community Forum! We are so excited to have you here!

Our mission is to provide a safe, fun, and helpful place for our users to share information and have great conversations. Here you can ask questions, find answers, and learn and share your knowledge. We want this to be a community where you can collaborate and engage with each other without prejudice or judgement. We will do our due diligence to moderate its content and hope you’ll help us to keep this a safe space.

Here are some tools to help you before you start:

  • Please review our our Community Code of Conduct before posting to help guide you on how to act and what to expect from others within the community.
  • Review our knowledge base articles about the inner workings of RescueTime.

Community Code of Conduct

  1. We want to provide a place for you to share your questions, ideas, and feedback about all things RescueTime. Please do not post spam, advertisements, or self-promotion.
  2. Violence, pornography, and illegal activities or goods will not be tolerated.
  3. If the material isn’t yours or you don’t have permission to use it, don’t post it. Do not infringe on copyrights.
  4. To encourage productive and intellectual discussions, refrain from foul, offensive or discriminatory language
  5. Respect your own privacy and the privacy of others. Please do not share personal information. We want to this forum to be a safe place.
  6. There’s no need to plant several seeds. Please don’t post the same question to multiple forums.
  7. Be respectful, kind, and inclusive. Comments that degrade, harass, or threaten any race, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, or age are unacceptable.
  8. Lets support each other by staying on topic and being constructive and encouraging.
  9. Do not create multiple accounts for yourself or impersonate another user.
  10. If you see a thread or post which has violated the RescueTime Code of Conduct please report the thread or post to the moderators.
  11. A violation in the RescueTime Code of Conduct will result in either a temporary or permanent ban from the community. The moderators have the right to edit, move, delete, or close any thread or post without prior notice.