How do folks deal with meetings that end early, in terms of accurate tracking?

I often have meetings that end early. If you click the ‘this meeting ended early’ button, then that doesn’t modify your total amount of time spent in meetings, instead all it does is start tracking your activities. This means that whenever I have a meeting thats in my calendar for an hour that ends after 5 mins, I’m still showing 1 hour of meetings and 55 mins of whatever I actually did - so that’s almost 2 hours of activities during 1 hour of real time. I raised this as a bug, but working this way is by design.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can accurately track my time when I have a meeting that finishes early? I can’t amend calendar invites for meetings that I haven’t arranged.

Am I missing something? It just makes no sense to me to count the full hour meeting time, if it was only 5 mins long. It happens often enough that I cancelled my subscription because my time tracking was inaccurate, but I miss Rescue Time, so I just started another free trial, and am wondering if there is any way I can make it track my time accurately?