What's with the new sudden unannounced changes?

I have been a paid user for several years. Earlier this week or so, the macos app updated for me and is showing a completely different interface. When I click on the 'Overview" button, I am shown the following error:

but other features seem to be working.

What is RT X? When was all of this change announced?

And for the life of me, I can’t figure out why my slack status each evening changes to:

Screen Shot 2022-03-17 at 8.36.55 PM

where is the setting to control/configure this? I did not set this up.

This is all unexpected and quite frustrating.

It looks like you’ve got a few different computers running two different versions of RT. Would you mind sending us a message at help@rescuetime.com so we can get this straightened out?

I like your avatar, btw!

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Yes, I do have several devices and computers running RT that too on multiple operating systems.

I will email help.

Can you share link to a blog page or announcement about these changes though?

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Hi @kartik! Sure thing, here are some materials.

Where is the data-driven version of RescueTime?

Two Versions

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Ah, this sheds a lot of light on the changes, except I was not ever made aware of them.

So it seems like the problem with my account is that my macOS client has somehow switched to the new RTX, but my account is still on the classic version.

I see this must have happened after this Pull Request for homebrew:

Hi @kartik! RescueTime is not affiliated with that cask. Updates/downloads need to be done through rescuetime.com. Let me find your email and send you next steps on how to fix this.

It’s alright, I already fixed it at my end.

For anyone else facing the same problem, the idea is to 1) uninstall rescuetime using brew:

$ brew uninstall rescuetime

and 2) reinstall using the official download directly.