RescueTime 3.x - how do we avoid it?

Ran into issues with RTX filtering websites without any way of turning it off, so I submitted a ticket and checked in here to see what others are thinking. I found this thread, uninstalled via brew and reinstalled using the pkg file, but the 2.x version is prompting to update to 3.x.

Is this correct…? How come we can’t disable website filtering? is there a filter query I can input to effectively whitelist everything? I tried being cheeky with gTLDs, the alphabet, etc. But it’s still being a pest.

Welcome, Andrew! Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

@brianfioca, any idea what’s going on here?

Andrew - your best bet is to download it from this page: Sign in to RescueTime since we don’t really control the homebrew versions. If that doesn’t fix your problem you can email and we’ll get you in the ticket system to help debug the problem. Thanks!