I want rescue time to be more like Rize

I’ve used premium rescue time last year ,but was rather disappointed. After looking at alternatives , I’ve decided to go for Rize. It seems to have all I wanted from RescueTime:

  • much simpler , less cluttered and more useful UI
  • I can easily start session, write my goal, track project hours
  • ability to track distraction. Whenever I switch to potentially unproductive app, I get asked if its distraction or not , which help me being mindful about context switching

Just posting here for extra feedback to the team. Wish RescueTime best of luck for the next year.

I still subscribe to RescueTime premium, and I’d like to offer the team this additional bit of input: Feel free to add features, but if the core experience were to change I would be disappointed and probably start looking at alternatives, as RT as it is now fits my workflows, and is minimally intrusive.

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