Rescue time next updates since last year

Hi, my yearly period is about to re-new next month and I am considering if to stay with rescue time.

My feeling is that not so much has changed / improved since then. There some bug fixes, but in terms of new or improved functionality not so much. For me the main reason to use rescue time is to help me focus on the most important tasks by:

  • letting me know where I am spending my time
  • helping me not to get distracted by using Focus session.

I think the first part is good enough, the second not so much.

  • Starting focus session is still a hassle because you have to go through pre screens and skipping doesn’t really solve the problem, nor it is as easy as possible to start the focus session(no shorcut, integration with apps like Raycast doesn’t work for me). Might seem minor but from behavioural psychology, you want to make the important behaviour as frictionless as possible.

Also my general feeling is that rescue time isn’t doing much. Don’t get me wrong I don’t want the app to end up releasing new half baked or pointless features, like many apps do. But even if I look at release notes, it looks abysmal. It might be just a communication issue. I don’t check other release notes, I don’t see blog posts about new features , there isn’t a public roadmap with at least next priorities.

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The issue with the countless windows to skip has been going for close to 10 months now, unbelievable it’s still not being worked on. I’ll also have to consider if I want to renew my subscription soon…

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Just realised that I still experience a bug where assistance popup doesn’t show buttons at the bottom to start new focus session after finish last one. Solution is to right click and reload. I was told to this by support I think several months back, so seems that it still hasn’t been resolved.

So I just cancelled my subscription which would renew in a month. Wish rescuetime best of luck and hopefully will have a reason to comeback.

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Hi @peter and @VFP, we hear you. We make feature announcements via our quarterly emails and featureOS. We’re actually working on some really cool features right now that are in beta. We will prioritize shortcutting Focus Sessions.