How do you automate RescueTime? (Mac)

Hi, I’m trying to create a Keyboard Maestro workflow to start a focus session. I use focus sessions a lot, but it takes about 10 clicks and needing to wait for all the animations etc. to start one, which is just unnecessarily cruel.

I tried using Keyboard Maestro to start a session for me, but all the buttons keep moving around randomly, so I can’t just use mouse location to hit the necessary buttons. Didn’t find any Shortcut shortcuts to do this either. Has anyone built something for RescueTime and how did you do it?

No, wait, obviously I can set Keyboard Maestro to start moving the mouse from one of the corners of the active window, which in this case is RescueTime. Still not super elegant, but think I can make this work like this.

Edit: Didn’t work. RescueTime isn’t considered a window I guess. Anyways, managed to do it by just finding the Start session icon with Keyboard Maestro’s Find Image -feature and then I can work onwards from there.

Yes, Rescuetime, please help! I really wish we were able to use menu items or keyboard shortcuts to trigger Rescuetime.