How to see raw data in as-it-happened order?

Hi there, Is there a way to see what Rescuetime actually records as I move through my work? I spent a significant chunk of time on a particular website today, but it is not showing up on my charts when I look at the activities page. I need to know how long I spent at that site so I can report it later.

And in general, I’d like to see the stream-of-work report to assess what tasks I might be able to streamline or alter to make more efficient. Like, I’d like to be able to see that I started at 10AM and spent 10 minutes on gmail, then moved to Quickbooks for 5 minutes, a minute back on gmail, 5 minutes on a vendor portal, back to quickbooks for 20 min, etc.

Is that possible? If not, does anyone have suggestions for an app that would offer that level of granularity?

Wait, I think I found the breakouts in the Analytics area.

However, the site I was referencing has been recorded as ‘blank web browser’ rather than the actual site, and that blank browser time is not reflected in the work or personal totals. Bummer.

Hi @kim1! Can you reach out directly to our support team at so we can look into your account and investigate?