Making it easier to see and download data of all work, mtgs, etc. using custom date ranges

I really like using RescueTime to track how long I’ve spent focusing on something, but would really like to be able to track my progress toward a 40-hour week for all of my time spent on work (not just focus work). I like the “Activities” page and spend a lot of time there, but it would be nice to see a simple summary sentence like “You’ve worked 33 hours this week,” instead of me having to add up my meeting time, focus work time, etc. in my head.

Also, it’s annoying that we can’t click back to previous weeks in the “Activities” section - we can only see the summary data for that month. Same with the “Overview” section.

And why can’t we pick a specific start date and end date for the summary analytics? If I want to see how much I’ve worked this calendar month (since Jan 1), it’s not possible because the “Overview” page just brings you back 30 days, to mid-December, when I was on break. So the data is off.

Lastly, I get that storing every single webpage visit would be a lot, but it should be possible to download a summary of my historical data (total hours of focus work, total hours of other work, hours in meetings - all per day).

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Hi @alexiskedo! Appreciate your feedback!
You can find your total time worked on your Overview page.
We will be making enhancements to the date picker soon.
The export reports could use some improvements. Appreciate your feature request here.

Long time RT user here (10+ years) - for arbitrary date picking, you currently have to use the RescueTime classic interface (see screenshot)

I have also added “arbitrary date range picker” to the features wish list board, but I guess this feature is still being worked on. I get the feeling that the old RescueTime was using a relational DB for the backend but that “new RT” seems to be using noSQL like MongoDB which can make it difficult to filter by date…