Importing iOS Screen Time


I’m curious to know if anyone has discovered a method to transfer screen time data from iOS into RescueTime? The last time I gave the RescueTime iOS app a shot, which was roughly a year back, it appeared to have difficulties tracking my activities due to Apple’s privacy policies. However, since Apple’s own “Screen Time” app has special access to this information, it might be feasible to import such data into RescueTime?

There is also this related feature request, albeit it suggests a slightly different approach.

I appreciate your help.

Sorry for my mistake; I just realized the latest version of the app does this. Nice!

Please feel free to close this.

Thanks for reaching out @lxnkplhult!


Actually I might re-open this, because it sounds like the RescueTime app is not able to transfer data to the RescueTime web, so we are not able to see an aggregate time for both devices. Is there any way to get the Screen Time data on a macBook? Because Screen Time is able to transfer data across devices.

I agree - this is also a feature I’d like to see for RescueTime.

The time spent on iOS should reflect on the web dashboard as well as I wouldn’t like to reflect on the time spent on phone separately, and I’d like to categorize it accordingly. I also use integrations for Gyroscope and other apps which I would like for the iPhone screen time to be considered

Hi @lxnkplhult! Thanks for the follow up! Currently the iOS data will not sync to the reports on Unfortunately, this is a restriction from Apple that is not within our control. Sorry I didn’t clarify that initially. (cc @ambiguu)

Heya @Ciao !

Unsure if there is a restriction in place - There is a RescueTime competitor that does offer this where they pull data from Apple’s ScreenTime within their Mac Native App combining data from both Desktop & Mobile (iPad, iPhone etc. if all the accounts are logged on the same Apple ID).

I can share the details in private for more information shall it help develop this feature.

Hi @ambiguu! Thanks so much for the info! Please share :open_hands: Can you share via email at

I’d like to be able to get accurate screen time from my Android to Rescue Time - right now it seems like it only captures app time on opening, not for the duration of the use and it’s not capturing all the apps I use in a day for example Audible, Trello, PocketCast - yes, checked permissions twice - has access to storage, music, whatever else, it’s got it. -Thanks

Hi @anne, could you try an uninstall then reinstall of the Android app and see if that fixes it?