Removing Office Calendar doesn't work?

Hi, I have a slight annoyance type of a problem, can someone help me out with it? I had Outlook Calendar integrated to RescueTime, but I removed it at some point. I also might not even have access to that Outlook calendar anymore as it was with a client organization that I’m not working with anymore.

Now RescueTime is always begging me to reconnect the calendar. Yellow notification on the main “page” of the Mac App;
Problem Connecting to Calendar: We seem to have lost our connectivity with Outlook Calendar. Please reconnect to make sure your assistant is accurate.

But I don’t want to and I can’t even see what calendar is failing:

How can I get rid of that notification? I have tried restarting everything but otherwise I’m out of ideas.

Have you tried going in to that calendar and revoking access from your calendar settings?

How can I do that if I don’t have access to the calendar that I had RescueTime integrated to anymore? It was a client organization’s Outlook and I don’t work with them anymore or have access to that account.

I tried to connect some other Outlook calendar so that I could then revoke that, but it just caused this error:

I tried reloggin etc. but there was no change. Still just getting this error.

Could you please shoot us an email at and include your account email address? I’d like to have someone take a closer look. Thanks!

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Haha, well, obviously now that I started to complain about it, it somehow went away. Something seems to have broken the link to the calendar, but hard to say what it was. It might even be that the client organization finally actually deleted the account or something so unfortunately maybe can’t debug this further, but at least the issue is solved for me. Thank you anyways!

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