What kinds of things do you like to do for yourself?

I this might be a great place to talk about the things folks do when they’re not on the clock! I’ve been trying to focus more on after-work hobbies and activities the past couple of years. I got tired of answering the question, “what do you do for fun?” with, “well, just more work, I guess!” or, “my work is my life,” so a couple of years back I picked up some of my old interests and have been trying to hone my skills in things other than my job.

It’s been pretty amazing how balanced I feel since I’ve been able to spend more time on things for myself. Ever since I’ve spent more time on my photography, creative writing, and sometimes even music practice (wow that sounds like a lot!) I’ve noticed the general stress level during my day has gone way down. Som I’m curious what sorts of things everyone else does to achieve balance in their lives.

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A lot of hiking! It’s turned into an obsession (and a need with sitting down all day at work). The AllTrails app is great, it’s made finding trails easier and the stats tracking makes you want to keep the habit up!