Afternoon naps?

The first time I started working from home occasionally (12-ish years ago?) I noticed that if I took a 20-30 minute nap around 2-3pm it gave me a burst of creative energy to finish the day with. I went a few years after that not being able to take naps because the office I was in didn’t have a place for it - until I landed a job that had a quiet room with a couch in it. So I tried it again and even in that stuffy-ish office I noticed that it had the same effect! So now anytime I feel pretty drained after a morning full of meetings or just generally need to power up for an afternoon boost, I find a quiet place to shut my eyes for a few.

Places I’ve sneaked away for naps include: server rooms, a “wellness” room, a laser robotics lab, a balcony chair, … I’m sure there are others. :smile: