Arc browser sites not tracking in RescueTime?

RescueTime merely tracks Arc activities as an application categorized as a utility. Is this just me? I’ve used RescueTime with Chrome/Brave/Firefox without issue. The RescueTime extension is enabled, but Arc seems to prevent it from tracking pages.

My understanding is RescueTime officially began supporting Arc last year, but for some reason it’s not working for me.

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I see the same behavior. When I open the extension, it can “see” the page I’m on and correctly categorize it but it’s not tracking it on the dashboards.

I had similar issues with using Waterfox (firefox fork), although the website tracking started working at some point but it’s spotty at best so it’s not that helpful. I also have the firefox extension enabled.

I did contact support and I told I had an issue. We couldn’t find a fix. They said about the fact that the extension was last updated 2020: “Yes, you’re right. It has been a while since the extension has been updated. This is on our roadmap to update.”

So there’s hoping it will be soon as I would assume that this is the issue.

A similar issue is opened for the Arc browser side. The assumption is that arc limits access from the extension to the browser’s tabs. Given that, the RescueTime devs won’t be able to do something, only they communicate directly with the arc devs

Meanwhile, I’m using the native client on my MacOS device. Why can’t the client get information about the opened tab in any of my applications? The title is readable by the client

@cp247 @neilemartin @samuli @log1c we support Arc on Mac only at this time. Please update to version on your Download page.

Support for Arc on Windows is on our roadmap.

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