Focus sessions start when my workday ends

I have my work schedule set from 9am to 5pm like a normal working stiff and for some reason, as soon as my workday comes to an end that is when RescueTime decides I’m not allowed to look at Facebook or Reddit.

So 9-5’s aren’t an urban legend after all. :grin:

Do you have automatic Focus Sessions turned on for “You spend 1 hour within a workday in Personal Activities”?

It may be that you’re hitting that one hour mark right as your day ends. Do you need to cancel the Focus Session manually to get sites unblocked, or does the Focus Session end because it’s outside your work schedule?

Nothing is set to run automatically

And I have to end it manually by saying “back to work tomorrow”

Hi @daniel could you email our support team at so we can take a peek at your account?