RescueTime on Linux

Is there going to be support for Linux in the future?


Is that in relation to the new app/UI? I use RescueTime for tracking applications and websites on Ubuntu, and it works pretty well.

Yes, it’s for the new app. The latest release for Linux seems to be from 2020.

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Yes, we do have plans to offer Linux support in the future. As we are a small team this will take some time.

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It’s mentioned here: What operating systems are compatible with RescueTime? - RescueTimeX

Currently Linux is not compatible with RescueTime, however we are working to open this up in the near future.

It would be nice to know if this is actually being worked on, though! Also it’s a bit funny to me that it says “Linux is not compatible with RescueTime” rather than “RescueTime is not compatible with Linux” but anyway :slight_smile:

Good catch @scott! Doc updated. Appreciate it!

We did start the research for Linux, however our priorities have shifted to more pressing stuff.

We’ll get back on the horse hopefully sooner rather than later.

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+1 for Linux support.