What's the proper workflow when VNC'ing into another computer with RescueTime?

New user here.

I have RescueTime on my work desktop and my laptop. Normally I use both independently, but on occasion I work from home and use Screen Sharing (Mac’s VNC application) to control my desktop. If I control my desktop, then it double-counts my focus work. I suppose it is possible to ignore a given app, but this causes other problems. For example, sometimes I VNC into a computer that I don’t have full control of (and thus can’t install RescueTime there) and I want it to count.

Does anyone have similar use cases and advice for how best to handle it?


Thanks for writing in. VNC would follow the same pattern we recommend for other remote desktop or virtual environment tools:

  • Install and link RescueTime on the remote machine
  • Go to our site, choose the Activities tab: Sign in to RescueTime
  • Find the time recorded for the remote / virtual app, in this case VNC, and tap the delete (trash can option), this will present the “ignore forever” option, chose that, and accept

This will result in your actual correct app time being counted correctly on both, and ignore the time on the “glue” app that you don’t need to know about (the VNC app, in this case).