Wish a lot of my focusing strategies could all work together easily

I find RT useful and so have been a subscriber for a couple of years. But TBH I rely on FocusMate to force me to be accountable during focus sessions. And I use Endel during these sessions to mask out distracting noises. And, so I don’t have to scramble to find my FocusMate tab at the end of a session to report to my partner, I use Due (a timer app) to warn me when I have 1 minute left in the session.

The issue is probably clear: it’s getting cumbersome to do all these things at once! Start a focus session with RT, start my timer, start the FocusMate session, talk briefly with my partner, then turn Endel on for my music.

Any thoughts on a way I could automate some of this (on a Mac)?