How do I allow Slack during a focus session?

During my focus sessions, I need access to the desktop Slack app.

When a focus session starts, if I click on Slack, FocusTime will open a Chrome window to Sign in to RescueTime . Every time I click back to Slack (A desktop app), FocusTime will redirect me and to Chrome, and opens a new Chrome window. This happens every single time until I disable my Focus session. For illustration, this is what the Chrome tab bar looks like:

This seems wrong. How can I fix this?

OS: macOS 14.2.1 (23C71)

Hi @slasiewski, it appears choosing this block level may be the culprit.

RescueTime will block communication apps regardless of their ranking/scoring. Even if they’re scored as Focus Work, any activity categorized as a “communication app” will be blocked during a Focus Session. It’s prompting you to sign into RescueTime so it can display the Focus Session block page.

Choose the block level above it, “Block distracting sites and apps”.

Thanks for that. I’ll look for the option.

In my case, I was using a pre-scheduled focus time (The kind that integrates with Google Calendar). I’m not sure if I had this option or not, but I’ll look for it.

I had another pre-scheduled focus time start, and I don’t see the option to chose the level of website/app blocking. Anyone know where it is?

Hi @slasiewski this doc should help.

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Thank you. This is from the docs, and it sounds like it will do what I need.

Please note: RescueTime will follow the same blocking level chosen as your previous Focus Session.

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