Issues turning off blocking in Chrome

I’ve not noticed this before, and it may be that I usually do this kind of work in Safari. Today I have to read and summarize several news articles and RT keeps blocking the sites, even though I choose “continue and turn off blocking in this zone.” It works and then I’ll scroll a bit and it will block again. Is this something with Chrome specifically? RT has also asked me to sign back in a couple times in Chrome.

I’m having this problem, too. I have set up my focus session to NOT block anything, yet it still does. This happened right after the latest RescueTime software update.

@kongjie and @sharon_duke we’re working on fixing these bugs. Sorry for the inconvenience. We’ll update you soon once the fixes are complete.

I also continue to have this issue…

Hi @zach this appears to be a Focus Zone issue. For now while we investigate, sorry for the delay, please disable Focus Zones in the Focus Settings page.

(cc @kongjie and @sharon_duke please see my comment above)

Great – thank you!!!