How do I turn off the sound when Rescue time starts?

Rescue time starts when my Windows PC boots up, and it’s the only app that plays its own little chime on bootup. I have UI sounds set to off, so I’m not sure why that’s not included in that category.

Hi @alex_trost, could you also disable sounds in your system settings? We share details on how to do this here.

For others with this issue, the “UI Sounds on” checkmark doesn’t seem to do anything on any of my Windows 11 machines, so after it’s made a sound and shows up in your Settings>System>Sound>Volume mixer, just Mute the App (RescueTime Assistant) entirely there and even if you close and reopen or restart, it should stay muted. This way you can have any notifications you want on or off but not get that chime.

Hi @linlenae and @alex_trost, please try disabling this option in Windows. Go to the Start Menu < Settings < System < Notifications & Actions < Scroll down to RescueTime and click on it < toggle off “Play a sound when a notification arrives”