RescueTime sent me an unwanted notification while I was working

Rescue Time sent me a notification just now inviting me to a “guided focus session.” It made a little sound and was distracting; it’s not a big deal. But I’m confident that I never want to join a guided focus session! I just spent some time trying to figure out how to opt out of these notifications and couldn’t figure it out. Which was distracting!

I’m pretty surprised that Rescue Time sent me what feels like a notification designed to increase app engagement while sapping my focus! I thought the whole vibe of Rescue Time was consciously avoiding unnecessary notifications.

Anyway. I’d love to know how to opt out of these notifications and it was irritating to get the notification in the first place.

Hi @nolen_royalty, so sorry about that! I think I found your account and I have now unsubscribed you from the guided Focus Sessions. Please let me know if they pop up again. If they do then there isn’t just one Nolen Royalty.