RescueTime VS Code extension

There is a current RescueTime VS Code extension but it doesn’t appear to be open source and hasn’t been updated since 2019. I am considering creating my own. If I do, what would people like to see included in it?


Hi Kyle - we closed sourced it because the libraries it was using needed updates and we didn’t have the bandwidth to make the changes. I’d be happy to give you access to the code. Can you send me your github username to brian@

today i install the rescuetime.

why should we have extension for vscode? doesn’t rescuetime track how much time i am working on vscode? :thinking:

Should i install extension on my vscode?

Hope you all have a great day :hugs:

check out the link in the original post to see the VS Code extension and what it offers. Currently doesn’t do much. If you’re just looking to track time, yes, I believe it would already be tracked. But the extension adds a visual cue into VS Code, and if built out could potentially include other features such as starting and stopping focus sessions.

I would like to work on this and the devs gave me access to poke around, but I think I’ll hold off until their new APIs come out (I think I saw somewhere they were going to release new ones with more functionality). And I am considering making the extension for the NOVA editor instead of VS Code, as that is what I have been using primarily.


Yeah i did install it yesterday, and it just shows how much time i work in on vscode.
but rescuetime already do that, so there is no need to install extension for now.

Thanks for the answer

I’m also NOVA’s number one fan, waiting for your ResueTime extension plugin for NOVA! Thank you! :kissing_heart:

Did you create a plugin?