Best Focus Music

What music (or sounds) do you like to listen to when you’re in focus mode?

I’m a lofi fan, but one of my all-time favorite work-to playlists is the soundtrack from the Ping Pong anime: Spotify

High energy, no lyrics. Only downside is I feel deep in my soul that I need to watch it as soon as humanly possible every time I listen :stuck_out_tongue:


If I’m writing (words or code), it’s usually jazz or classical.

If I’m debugging, it’s usually something heavy: especially grungy grunge, or thrash metal, etc.


I’ve been listening to a lot of ambient M83 (Spotify)

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It’s definitely lofi for me. I would say I learn more toward chillhop- hip hop beats. However, I could totally be down for some FKJ or Pink Martini.

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The chillhop playlist + ambient coffeehouse combo that is available in the Virtual Workspace is straight magic for me. I never focus better than when I’ve got that going.

That Ping Pong anime soundtrack sounds good, though, @Francesca ! I might need to pull that out when I need some extra motivation.

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Great post @Francesca ! I added your playlist to my Spotify.

Here is my focus playlist:

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This is a good point–I can’t listen to lyrics when I’m doing most things, but if I’m drawing or illustrating, lyrics are great.
lol Iistening to deep-anger-music while debugging is perfect.

I haven’t listened to M83 in awhile! I’m adding this to my Spotify–good stuff

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You know I’m the same :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thank you for sharing this Sam, I’m fav-ing for listening later today when I’m in head-down mode :smiley:

I really like adding that coffee shop sound with my focus music, too–I don’t work in coffee shops so much these days, and I miss having just ambient people sounds around me while I’m working.

Btw, welcome to the community! :sun_with_face:

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Music is very personal, so one person’s chill list may not work for others.

Here’s a few lists that I listen to:

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I have couple other 20+ hour playlists for those times when I need something louder

  • Few lyrics-- melodic, non-lyrical music & soundtracks by Trent Teznor and Atticus Ross (Nine Inch Nails) and related styles: Spotify
  • This has more IDM & ambient electronica including some older stuff: Spotify

Yeah, MFP is the bomb for me.

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I’ll listen to lo-fi or white noise, but I also have lists for specific projects:

  • Career: Instrumental music by Louie Zong.
  • Personal project: A mix of 80s and 90s hits and couple of indie artists. I will sing along with the vocal tracks while setting up or finishing a task.
  • For a couple volunteer projects I listened to Vitamin String Quartet and similar artists.

I have been changing our the ambient noise for my work lately and was starting to think I need some more ideas.

Typically in the morning I will check for videos from certain creators on Youtube (JayzTwoCents, Dawid Does Tech Stuff and Gamers Nexus). After that I will go from random videos on youtube to Netflix / Hulu tv shows that do not require my full attention. I have also been finding ambient music videos on youtube from The Lord of the Rings or Skyrim or The Witcher 3.

I used to listen to audio books as well. But I found that now that I am doing more thought intensive things, I lose track of the story easily.

There is a new playlist on WorkFrom now. Does anyone know what the previous Chillhop playlist was? I can’t find it.

Hi @wkpc! Are you looking for this one - 🍂 Chillhop Essentials · Fall 2021 [chill beats & jazz hiphop] - YouTube?

YES! Thank you so much!!