Fixed that for you

As a fan of the Slack integration, I’m admittedly a little bummed that paid users using the Slack integration are now getting “(powered by RescueTime)” appended onto every Slack status. Usually that’s something you see when you’re using a free plan of a product, not the paid version.

I get the business need when you compare it to similar products that do this, like Clockwise and, but those products are freemium and a little advertising is acceptable.

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Hi Chris - that’s good feedback.

I personally wanted to make sure RescueTime gets credit for the ability to set custom statuses because otherwise people would think it was just built into Slack. We’ve been working on improving our reach and adding features that help us bring in new users. The hope was that people might see that and decide they want it, too.

It’s a challenging time for companies like ours to reach new users so I thought it was a worthwhile experiment.

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If it’s really bothersome we’ll probably add a toggle to turn it off.

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Yeah, it’s not a big deal, I just don’t like change :wink: