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Ho do I navigate out of the “community” and back to ResueTime?

That’s a great question! :sweat_smile:
I’ll see if I can make that easier to navigate. Thank you!

I think there’s an issue where if you set your focus time goal to a number other than 3 hours, it still says “Goal: Spend 3 hours on Focus Work each day” on the page Goals → Focus Work page (Sign in to RescueTime)

Hi @alcheng! Good eye! That’s currently a static banner so it won’t change when you update your Focus Work goal in your settings page. The 3 hours is what we typically recommend for a standard work week. You can learn more about Focus Work goal in our knowledge base article here.

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The history function is very handy for viewing things like past weeks, but selecting a date range and then going back to pages like overview seems wonky. As an example, if I select “Mar 21-27” in history, then try to go to overview, I get “in the Mar 15-21, 2022”.

Using the recent weekly summary emails to view last week works perfectly however, thanks for that!

After I downloaded the update, when I open the RescueTime app, it half-appears in the very lefthand corner of my screen and I can’t drag it to the center, so I can’t use the app.

Hi @evan! Good catch! I’ll discuss this wonkiness with our developers. So happy you’re enjoying the weekly emails!

Hi @lillian! Sorry about that! Please uninstall then reinstall the RescueTime app. Then reboot your computer. If you’re still having issues, please reach out to our support team directly at

Today the assistant pinged me with a “You’re in a focus zone” notification while I was in a manually started focus session. I was not expecting the assistant to ping me at all during a focus session (well, provided I am actually focusing :grimacing:).

Hi @scott! Ooh they collided huh? Could you please send an email to so we can investigate your account?

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I received an email from RT with subject line “Tell us how you’re liking RescueTime” had bad instructions. It said:

Report bugs or feedback through the Assistant. Click on the gear icon in the upper right corner of the Assistant, choose “Log Feedback”, and choose to log a bug or give us feedback on the product.

But this is not how to get to feedback. Correct path is gear–>Help–>Feedback–>weird drag a box thing that doesn’t make sense.

Thanks for sending this over @kayhan_gultekin! I’ll ask our marketing team to update.

The slack integration tool is misreporting focus sessions. I started a 25 minute focus session, and the slack app is telling everyone I’m focusing for 25 hours.
Screen Shot 2022-05-06 at 1.17.22 PM

Sorry about that @kayhan_gultekin. Could you email us at so we can check out your account.

I’m having the same issue as kayhan_gultekin, except I think it goes deeper than just the slack integration. After completing a 1hr focus session (reported as 60h session to my teammates), my focus session report showed I had 98% less focus time than normal - the application itself is getting the duration mixed up too.

Hi @antonio_bianco! Regarding Slack, I think what’s happening is this current version of RescueTime, version that you have installed does not have an integration with Slack. RescueTime Classic, version, does have an integration with RescueTime. You can find out more about our two versions here.

As for your Focus Session report, could you email us at so we can look into your account?

New Rescuetime does not resume when computer (Windows 11 21H2) wakes from standby. The app icon still appears in the system tray, but on mouse over it vanishes. This is especially confusing as it looks like the app is still running and logging, when it isn’t.

Hi @alibrown18! Sorry for the trouble. Could you email us at so we can look into your account?