What's in your feature wishlist?

That’s really cool @kyle. We’re continuing to work on optimizing it.

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Hi @filipbozicevic96! Soft confirmation, I like that. Yes, some form of this.

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I would like if RescueTime didn’t automatically minimize to the system tray as soon as you clicked away. I’d like an option to keep it on screen above other apps, particularly during focus times.


Hey @anthony I hear ya! I would love that too. We have some things in the works around Focus Sessions that I think you’ll like and we can’t wait to share.


Keyboard shortcuts, and/or integration with Shortcuts on Mac.

Can’t wait to see what it’s like! Are you planning to add in Shortcuts integration? Can I ask about any tentative release dates/betas? :wink:

So many people have asked for keyboard shortcuts—I really hope this is something we can implement soon!

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At the top of my wishlist would be some way to track by “project”. idk if that would come in the form of a tagging system or what. Working at a digital agency on several projects at once, I use RescueTime to help me track time. I think having some way for RescueTime to group all sorts of activities into a project would provide some fascinating insights.


I use an app called Sesssion to track my time by project, maybe it could help you! I’m working on an iOS Shortcut to automate syncing between the two — I use it to track offline time, so adding it to RescueTime would be very useful.

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Thanks, it looks really cool!
I think the problem it would create for me is the offline time would be redundant. All my project work is already tracked by RescueTime and categorized, I’m just looking for a way to visually see it by project. I suppose I could separately use a pomodoro timer to just see overall project time, but I switch between projects several times a day, so an automated solution would be much easier. I do like pomodoro timers for offline, non-computer/phone related tasks though.

I don’t like how Rescuetime pops up and covers things when I start my computer. There is no “x” button to close it out, either. You’d be surprised how many weeks it took for me to realize what made it disappear - good software should be easy to understand and use. So I’m suggesting two things - a minimize button, and a pin-on-top button.

One thing that It would be awesome is if we could activate log activities 24×7, but all the work stats are based only on a set of determined hours.

For example, I have a weird schedule where I started to work at 5am to 7pm (only to write), then I make a break until 9am, and keep working until 12pm. Then, depending on the day, I restart at 1pm or 2pm and I work until 5pm or 6pm. Once every two or three months, I have hard deadlines to meet, so I make a break until 8pm and work maybe until 10pm or 12am.

I can’t fit this schedule into a classic 8 to 5. But I would like to be aware how the day is going and if I need some breaks. I would like that my 3 hours of productive time were counted along those chunks of time in the day.

For the moment, my workaround is to put my work schedule 24×7 to don’t lose any stats of the day.

I appreciate if anyone has any better solution.


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The only solution for the moment was to return to the classic RT version. Once the RTX version mature a little more, I could change again.


#1 for me would be being able to store data locally rather than have it sent to a server - for me this is the difference between subscribing long-term and recommending it to others, vs anticipating using it for a month or two as a habit-forming tool and unsubscribing/deleting.

I really like the direction that the new version has gone, even though it’s a bit janky (things like telling me my average focus switches are in the hundreds?!) I find what it does to be genuinely very helpful for helping me focus… but it’s not quite enough to justify sending everything I do on the computer to you. Your privacy policy and the options around that are great, but I do need it to just go a little further - in the HackerNews thread where you announced the new version your founder was saying it’s something you were hoping to do, so I hope it’s possible :slight_smile: .

Yes, I’d like to see something like this as well. I’m a new user just getting set up and, as a writer with sporadic hours, I’m having trouble tracking focus work properly without a ‘set’ work day.

  1. Would be great to allow separately tracking main work, as well as side-hustle/personal focus work. For example I work a 9-5 M-F, but I like to work on fiction writing and unreal engine training on evenings and weekends.
    It keeps chastising me for working during my downtime.
    Similar to maikol_solis request, in that you could configure non-contiguous hour ranges for each.

  2. wildcard or regex filter on youtube video titles to allow categorizing as work or personal.

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Hi everyone! I have a wishlist item to mention. I take 30 minute lunches. It is a personal preference and something I have been doing for a large portion of my career. I know it is slightly against common practice or recommendations, but it is something I prefer. Currently, the only way I have to track my lunch is to turn the app off for an hour. There have been many times where I come back from my 30 minute lunch and forget to turn the app back on and then I am missing 30 minutes of work time.

Could you add a 30 minute option on the “on/off” button? Or maybe a customizable lunch button/meeting/something built in? I am open to any option.

I am also curious as to how many other people encounter this just in case I am not the only one. And if I am the only one or not enough impact to the entire community, I am ok with just living with it. Thank you!

My #1 right now is that the tracker be compatible with PWA - I use Outlook on the Web as a PWA and it doesn’t track correctly.
#2 - be able to enter a workspace either after I have started a focus session or at the same time. Right now if I use the assistant to start a focus session, it doesn’t look like I can the get to the option to enter a workspace. So if I don’t do things in the right order, I feel kind of stuck for the duration of the focus session.

Any news on the iPad app?

Hi @kyle, we’re currently working on a RescueTime mobile revamp for both iOS and Android with the inclusion of Focus Sessions and the global state for mobile and desktop. No exact launch date just yet, but we’re thinking by the end of the summer/early fall.

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