What's in your feature wishlist?

Being able to display some of your current metrics in 3rd party tools like Momentum Dashboard (They’ve had it on their feature request list as well) Even if it’s not a direct connection between these two apps, the ability to pull individual datapoints using the API would be cool.)

One straightforward request here :slight_smile: Instead of only having preset values by the hour for the Daily Focus Goal in RTX, could they be more granular?
Use case: Right now my goal is 2 hours, but as I get better at focusing and single-tasking I would like to gradually increase it. However, increasing my goal by 50% from 2 hours to 3 hours seems like too large of a jump. I expect that I would frequently fail to reach 3 hours and feel demotivated because of it. I’d rather be able to set my focus time to 2 hrs 30 mins, for example.

Thanks for everything that you all do!


Resizable Assistant window.


More categories/tags for types of apps. Right now there is persona, focus work and other work. I’d like a way for content to be more call out production as well. For example, Design production for Photoshop, Illustrator, etc…

It’d be great to see how much time I spend on design/production, meetings, emails/communication, QA, etc…

I would love to have an ‘allowlist’ for blocked websites. As a tech writer working with a streaming service, I often have to look at the website to write about features, but it ends up getting recognized as a personal website (which does make sense)!