What's in your feature wishlist?

I work from 8.30 and have a similiar issue with the work schedule

Hi @stephanie we currently don’t support different browser profiles at this time unfortunately. As for the Focus Session timer, this feature is actually available on Mac. We couldn’t include this on Windows due to its limitations.

An app for Apple Watch would be amazing! Being able to start and monitor focus sessions right from your wrist would be a great reminder to stay focused and great way to start sessions quickly.

I use RescueTime Classic and Daily Highlights with the “Intelligent prompts”. I prefer this method instead of email, because I know I’m going to ignore the email. However, the way that “Intelligent prompts” pops up is disruptive-- when the app decides to prompt me, it opens a browser window which steals the focus from whatever I’m working on-- if I remember correctly, the browser window will literally open in the foreground and steal my mouse/keyboard focus even if I’m in the middle of typing a word or debugging some logs.

This can be very distracting and frustrating when I’m in the middle of deep focus.

Using option “3. Automatic logging via your other system” sounds interesting, but I don’t want to roll my own. And also, I have privacy concerns about using iFTTT.

Absolutely, I find this quite frustrating. Usually it pops up before my computer has warmed up, and clicking the x to get the thing out of the way just causes it to freeze (turn white). Please let it minimized, I’ll open it if I want it.

I would like to be able to add offline time simply by right clicking the app in Chrome or on the Mac Desktop. Currently I have to open a browser tab, open a webpage such as Sign in to RescueTime and then add my offline time there.

There are a few things that I think would be very useful:

  1. Having customizable and more granular goals. For example, within personal, I might have a goal to exercise 1 hour a day, which is different than wasting time on social apps for 1 hour a day. There should be some way to track / add personal goals. For example, I use a bike training app, if this could be categorized as “exercise” and if this could be coupled with a goal to “exercise 1 hour a day”, then I could automatically track that. You can also have similar “break habit” goals - such as spending <15 minutes on social apps a day, and tie those applications to that, and block them thereafter (similar to rescue-time classic). I think this would be very beneficial.

  2. App tracking and blocking. I know this is in the works, but it would be very useful.

Other than that, I am very much enjoying the new version so far.

Can you please update the assistant windows so that when I want to start a focus time I don’t need to click “skip” on the preparation part ? I don’t care about preparing my body or environment and I really want to hide it by default since I use focus time a lot


I’d like this feature also. Having to close the window every time I start up the computer is very annoying.

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*Focus session I meant