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I’m still having the issue where sometimes the “start focus session” button doesn’t work. It makes the clicking sound, but nothing happens. Restarting RescueTime fixes the problem temporarily. And I recently uninstalled and reinstalled - that didn’t solve it.

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Hi @joe_reich, when you uninstall RescueTime, please ensure you delete RescueTime from the Library to remove all remnants.


RT client app fails to update on the latest macos version:

Screenshot 2023-10-22 at 10.16.02

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I can’t navigate to the 27th and 28th day on the timesheet. also 26th day is broken and shows 8-12 am and then 12 pm. Currently, I have been unable to record anything for three days and I don’t know how to fix this issue. I have the paid plan. If have some insights, would love to hear them.

Hi @VFP, sorry for the delay. Are you still experiencing issues with the update on MacOS?

Hi @peter_kallio, sorry for the delay. I think I found your account. I’ll reply to your directly to help troubleshoot the issue.

hi, no it’s seems to be fixed now

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I cannot categorize an activity to “Neutral”. It keeps resetting to “Uncategorized : Neutral”.

Steps to reproduce:
1- Change category to something.
2- Set productivity to Neutral

Expected Result: Activity categorized as “%Category% : Neutral”
Actual Result: Activity categorized as “Uncategorized : Neutral”

Hi @RESCUME sorry for the delay. Please contact us directly at so we can look into your account.

I have this too. When is the expected fix for this? Because obviously the new fix didn’t work…

I have the same bug as this as well

Hi, am having a bug not posted here… I am not able to click on the selected button in blue after my focus sessions. If the button is in blue, I can only click on any other button. If I click the button in blue nothing will happen and I cannot move to the next screen.

Also I have never experienced SO many bugs on a released product before, and I have only been using Rescue Time X for like a month and a half… what is going on? :thinking:

Are you talking about the bug where sometimes clicking on the running timer in the macos menu bar it shows the default window instead of the timer window ? Like your timer never started?

Hi @kristen.huber.19, sorry about the issues. I think I found your account so I’ll reach out to you personally to help.

Hi @VFP, I’m going to reach out to you personally to get more details.

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