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I just purchased access to use the timesheets and for some reason it is broken. Our network also blocks Adds and Trackers at the network level but that does not appear to be the issue.

On the page [Sign in to RescueTime]

I get the following error which seems to break some functionality such as resizing and adding time blocks.

BrowserTracing.js:20 Uncaught Type
Error: console.error is not a function at new e (BrowserTracing.js:20:1) at timesheets:64:20

First off, I like the UI update! I’ve been a customer for years and it’s really nice looking.

Unfortunately, my highest-value feature simply isn’t working: distracting site blocking. Here’s a screenshot. I’m in FocusTime, as scheduled. The 30 minute timer started at 8:29 and this screenshot is from 8:45. TikTok should be blocked but it’s not happening.

How can I debug this? I’ve looked through the MacOS permissions and I think I’ve given RescueTime everything it asked for…

MacOS Ventura 13.4.1 (22F82)
Desktop Client Version
Chrome Extension Version 3.2.10

@blannon thanks for sticking with us all these years. This is currently a known bug and our developers are working on a fix. The bug pertains to Alerts. Appreciate your patience!

Hi @anthony_v. Thanks for sharing this error! I will relay this information to our developers.

@blannon Thanks for your patience. This has been resolved. Would you mind testing it and confirm if it’s working for you?

Hi Anthony,

The that 3rd party library occurs, it should not be an issue-- however, we’ve added some checks to prevent it from occurring. Thanks for writing in!